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New Music: Hot Toddy

“I was born a god/
 I made myself a king/
which means I downgraded to a human being” – The KING Jay-z"
As you all know I LOVE Shawn Corey Carter. So its only right that I bring you Hot Toddy, leaked yesterday. Its an unfinished version of Usher’s upcoming song that features Jay-Z and Ciara. Hot Toddy will appear on Usher’s upcoming nine-track EP entitled Versus that will be out on August 24th.

Download HERE.
4:38 PM

Louis Stewart Bags

Louis Stewart’s name is starting to ring more and more bells as time passes. Word on the street is that the former Louis Vuitton employee’s bags will be the coveted accessory of the summer –IF you can find them. Celebrities such as Rick Ross, Dr. Dre, Drake, and Tyra Banks to name a few love Louis Stewart bags. These exquisitely created bags are not available in stores yet, and on www.LouisStewartCollection.com not a clue is given as to where to even begin to find these bags.

Exclusivity at its finest. As the man himself says, “If you have a Rolex, Bentley, a mansion, G-5 jet, fine jewelry, property and you travel the world - chances are you’re very aware of The Louis Stewart Collection”. You may not fall into this category but you have just been informed why Louis Stewart's name is hot on everyone's lips.

Don’t say I didnt tell you so...

The DoLL
4:35 PM

Victoria Beckham for Vogue Russia

4:43 PM

Accessory Exhibit: Roarke NYC

Roarke is a two- part jewelry design team comprised of designer Mignonne Gavigan and former Bergdorf Goodman buyer Laetitia Standfield. Their collection debuted in 2009, with statement made-to-order pieces. Their work includes striking beading and chiffon combinations. The perfect statement pieces for a day time look or a night out.

Their iconic “Le Charlot” bib necklace is wanted by fashionistas and celebrities alike. Its versatility and draping make it a must have. “We scrutinize each piece for how the necklace lays,” Stanfield says.  “The draping should appear without effort.”

In just a year, Stanfield and Gavigan, have expanded their collection from one design to four offering not only necklaces, but bracelets headpieces and wedding accessories as well.  Their intricate beading and production allow for it to remain a niche jewelry line, exclusive to online and trunk shows. 

Check out http://www.roarkenyc.com/ for more. They are a pretty penny so beware.
4:32 PM


5:21 PM

To Be a Star + Forever 21

Richie Rich and The Next Ish team

As the sun set on the pier, three rows of press and VIP guests along with hundreds of others surrounded the runway and did not know what to expect from the evening. Richie Rich of Heatherette arrives fashionably late in all black with fabulous metallic blue nails and takes his seat in the front row. Shortly after, the Walk on Water Forever 21 fashion show began.
The Next Ish team attended the fashion show and launch party to celebrate the opening of the new Forever 21 location in Times Square and the introduction of the To Be A Star series, a documentary that follows 6 aspiring models during their three months of in NYC. Creator and producer Jason Metz created "The Academy" to provide development for the fashion and entertainment industries through mentoring and partnerships with well-known industry professionals.

Between four segments of Forever 21 fashion, introductory clips of the women were shown. All of them were pursuing careers in modeling, acting, or singing. One of them in particular had a certain star quality and an infectious energy that was hard to ignore.

Miram Ebrahim is a Long Island native, pursuing three degrees at Long Island University of C.W Post. She is a senior studying international business and public relations, while also pursuing an MBA.

Aside from her academics, modeling, and acting, Miram has also interned for companies and people such as Regis and Kelly, Power 105.1 and the Britto Agency. She has also been featured on the Tyra Show and episodes of Law and Order among other projects. Miram Identifies Tyra as an inspiration because Tyra is a mogul and sends the message to “uplift and inspire.”  She would like to have a syndicated talk show of her own. Being Egyptian, Miram doesn’t consider herself the average American. “ I’m not the quiet girl. I have a lot to say, I’m outgoing,” she said.

Miram and I

She is grateful for her opportunity and assures that attending the To Be A Star Academy has changed her life. She learned to present herself, how to speak, how to carry herself in a room, and other skills that are crucial in the entertainment industry. She exuded poise while also being unafraid to have a good time. I also had a good time at the event and hope to attend more.


The DoLL


To find out more about Miram and the To Be A Star Series you can visit: www.tobeastar.com
4:31 PM

Je t'adore

Frida Gustavsson for Vagabond

11:42 AM

25 things You didnt Know about me

After seeing this US weekly feature on Whitney’s Blog, I decided to do my own.

1.     I love beautiful women. 
2.     Favorites
-       Model: Adriana Lima, close 2nd : Alessandra Ambrosio
-       Fashion Icons: Olivia Palermo & Whitney Port
-       Show: Anything Kardashians
-       Group: Aventura
-       Print: Leopard
-       Fruit: Banana
-       Top 5 Rappers: Jay-z, Drake, Weezy, Loso, JadaKiss

3.     I hate onions!
4.     I don’t mind crying in public. I’m very sensitive.
5.     I think that beautiful people have it easier in life.
6.     I neglect people, especially friends – Im working on that
7.     I graduated Valedictorian from HS - aiming for Summa Cum Laude now. 
8.     I secretly had a snake at school and it died in a month because I couldn’t feed it
   9.     I must go to Greece; I would love to honeymoon there
   10.   I love seeing pregnant women and cant wait to be too. I count them. 3 this morning.
   11.  I get great grades but don’t try as hard as I should. It comes naturally. (3.7 GPA holla!)
  12.  I take on way too much at a time and forget to eat.
  13.  I think I have the cutest butt in America
  14.  If I could go Eve style and wear solely a leaf – I would.
15.  I sound great when I sing in Spanish especially Aventura
16.  I have my first fight about a month ago. It felt great to punch her in the face! Lol
17.   I want to be a Knicks City Dancer or Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader
18.  I was never really fashionable until about a year ago. Rather be comfortable.
19.  Im ALWAYS cold, period
20.  I don’t care about hurting people’s feelings. I’m vengeful.
21.   I have contacts but would much rather wear my glasses
22.   I started my blog because I was in a bad relationship and had no one to talk to
23.  Everything I write on my blog is true
24.  My birthday is Christmas Eve – I hate it. I wish I was a summer baby.
25.  I want more tattoos but my grandmother has forbidden me from any more.

12:48 PM

Shopping Crack: Shoes Im Addicted To

            So last night at our Dior event, our (Harper’s Bazaar) accessories editor Ana Maria was wearing some FABULOUS shoes. I mean she is the accessories editor so she would. They had a gold studded heel. I love golden anything so I could not stop staring. This morning I was determined to find them so after much googling I learned that they are Proenza Schouler BUT Spring 2008 L so there is no way I will find them online. I also learned that Carrie wore a pair in SATC so that’s probably why they were already sold out and wait-listed in the UK by the time they were released. Sad sad day for me.

 Dear fashion gods if you are out there please send me a pair of these in a size 8 (38.5 UK).

Photo Credit: Net-a-porter ( Picture does it no justice)

Love always,
The DoLL 

P.S. If you cant find those - These would be nice too. <3
Brian Atwood Loca pumps

3:49 PM

Dear White America:

I saw this article online a few days ago while looking up press at work. ( Serena Williams was quoted in Harper’s Bazaar talking about her “massive butt”). Clearly, society is all screwed up – what was scrutinized is now celebrated? I don’t know whether to be happy or mad. Body types that are attributed to Latinas and African Americans are now a trend. First it was big lips, then “natural” hair, and now butts. Just because the mainstream media and fashion is obsessed with stick thin beauty doesn’t mean that a full figure hasn’t been celebrated since the beginning of time in our culture. ( I have wanted a bigger butt since I was in 6th grade - I have made progress) The same people that you judge and stereotype are the same people you imitate. You inject your lips to make them fuller, you use hair styling products and extensions so your hair wont be so thin and flat, and now you decide you want a big butt so you wear butt pads or get surgery. Really? How about we get credit where it’s due and cover magazines, walk on runways, and be represented in the media as something other than an “exotic” commodity? Then maybe things like butts will cease to be a trend. 

what you wont do... --> 

Yea I said it! Sue me. 

3:22 PM

Words that Matter

"Here are the real rules: Don't run with scissors, don't leave the iron on, don't cross against the light, and don't be afraid of a broken heart." —Lise Funderburg, writer

1:26 PM

Music Video: There Goes My Baby

11:10 AM

Eye Candy

Here are some of my favorite photos from last week! 
          Scarlett Jo for Mango                                            

Eva Mendes in W

                                   Madonna for D&G
11:00 AM

Fit Tuesday

There are always free fitness classes one can find to stay fit and healthy during the summer months. Don’t let the heat get you down! Get up and get moving! 

When: every Tuesday up until July 27, 2010 9am & 10am 
Where: High Line Park
Chelsea Market Passage between 15th and 16th Streets.
Phone: (212) 463-9669

At 9am, enjoy a FREE Fitness & Movement class! Spoil your body, mind, and spirit with 45 minutes of the Feldenkrais Method.

Enjoy a FREE Pilates Fusion Class at 10am. Work on your strength, flexibility, and endurance for 45 minutes.

Make sure to bring a yoga mat to both. 
11:47 AM

A Toast to Fashion

Fashion blogging is a very predictable past time. Most self-proclaimed fashionistas spend their days self-timing their Nikon cameras and posting photos and comments on their outfits for the world to see. Then we have Rumi Neely. The author of Fashion Toast and the new face of Forever 21 is well on her way to stardom with a blog that is nothing short of amazing. ( her pictures can basically be out of a magazine) We can expect great things from her! Hopefully I can interview her for TheNextIsh.com Stay tuned for that!

Check out her blog: Fashion Toast
10:03 AM

Missed Monsterball? No worries!

Lady Gaga FREE at Rockefeller Center!
If you know me -- or saw my halloween costumes, you know that in my mind, I really think I'm Emm Gaga. I admire her fashion and individuality more than anything else. Make sure you dont miss this fabulous artist who just recently set the record for most digital sales in US history!

When: Friday July 9, 2010
Where: Rockefeller Plaza
Phone: (212) 632-3975

Lady Gaga is coming to NYC and performing for FREE. ('nuff said) Fans and visitors are encouraged to come to the plaza for this live NYC Event. Viewing is on a first-come, first-served basis outside Today’s studio, located at 49th Street and Rockefeller Plaza in New York City. Fans should arrive by 6:00 a.m. for best viewing positions.
9:56 AM

Paris Couture 2010

Elie Saab

Getting my daily dose of AM fashion I’m sad to say that I am a bit disappointed by the so-called couture shows. I always anticipate couture to be artistic and extravagant but looking through the recent Paris shows they were kind of hit or miss. Some were extremely artistic and unique like Givenchy, who nearly made me hyperventilate with excitement. Others looked more like ready to wear. Honestly, there was nothing I hadn’t seen before. Only Elie Saab slightly tickled my fancy in the originality area. 


Make-up Love: Christian Dior & Jean Paul Gautier

Photos:Style.com & WWD

11:16 AM

Christian Dior Fall 2010 Couture

I stumbled across the new Dior Couture collection this morning and have been smiling ever since.
Beautiful floral inspiration and setting.

View the whole collection here 
4:57 PM

What you Should Know Before the Weekend

Friday 7/2
FREE Mary J Blige Concert
Central Park SummerStage
(212) 360-2777

To attend, viewers should arrive at Rumsey Playfield via the 69th Street entrance on Fifth Avenue between 6am and 7am on Friday, July 2nd. The concert is free and open to the public and will take place live during "Good Morning America," from 7 until 9am.

Sunday 4th Of July!

FREE Party Bus to the Hamptons
10:30pm to 7/3/10 at 6:00am
E 40th St & 3rd Ave
New York, NY 10017

Join Zack Dugow, President of RedBush Entertainment, on a FREE Round Trip Party Bus to the Hamptons for July 4th Weekend. This is an awesome NYC Event not to be missed!
                RSVP to RedRush.Zack@Gmail.com & Mention PulseJFK

                From Zack:
"The bus will leave at 10:30pm from NYC and get to RDV East in Southampton around midnight. It will leave from RDV East at 3:30am to return back to NYC. I will have complimentary bottles at my table with complimentary drinks for all of my guests.

Tuesday 7/6

Diddy in the City
92YTribeca – 200 Hudson Street
Tix $22 Buy Here

Diddy joins Hot 97’s Peter Rosenberg for the latest installment of Noisemakers, the premiere destination for artists looking to tell never-before-heard stories and connect with fans in a truly-live atmosphere. During a candid interview, Rosenberg will talk with Diddy about his distinguished career and his rise to fame as an entrepreneur, music mogul and artist.

The Real Housewives of NY
Barnes & Noble, 86th & Lex

The Real Housewives is a top-ranked reality show on Bravo TV cable network that reveals the daily lives of privileged housewives around the country. Join as real housewives share experiences that made the show a phenomenon.