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Will Smith on Jada

Once you feel someone locked in on you, it's no contest. This is it. I can't imagine what anyone else would offer."

Ever felt like that?
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Every night something eats away at my insides and keeps me from a peaceful sleep, the pathetic excuse for rest that I endure gets me by. There are demons inside of me that have long been awaiting to come out and now they are sprawled out there on the table like a bluffing hand of cards staring back at me, patiently waitng till my temptation allows them to play. But this time I see them for the demons they are and not the angels they pretended to be. In the shadow it was hard to tell. But I'm the girl who is insecure, the girl who is jealous ,the one who constantly hurts and it's out there now for all to know. The demons are now in the light and will be addressed as such. My demons kept me from living, they were the harness that dipped me low enough into reality to be a part of it but hovered me directly over the line of sanity and I have fallen. The harness no longer holds me but I have been dropped into the painful realization that life isn't always what we want it to be, that people will not always remain by your side, and that love is what you make of it. I had skeletons in my closet and along with those Demons they have fallen out to be buried.
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Why Women Should Sit Back Relax & Enjoy the Show

Wow it feels like an eternity stands between me and "Copyrights & Trademarks." My job/intership has consumed me and I feel like the only time I have to write is spent sleeping. -_- Due to a conversation I had with one of my bestfriends today, I realized that women are really all paranoid about similar things sometimes and that Im not the only one, which is a huge relief. I really thought I was in need of therapy but here goes my take on paranoia.

There are some simple rules you should follow for smooth sailing.
1. Call when you're supposed to! If you say you are gonna call back/ or later do so. Trust me we are expecting the follow up.

2. Make us feel special. We dont like to feel like the next chick. Adore us and we are happy.

3. Lastly and most importantly: WE are always right. thee end.

Now for the real reason Im writing. We all at some point feel the weight of insecurity tug at our hearts. Now, nagging seems quite obselete because all it does is annoy both parties. Him because he has to hear it, and us because he doesnt listen to it. So do everyone a favor and just keep the nagging to yourself unless you are ACTUALLY going to do something about it. Half-assed ultimatums dont really get anything accomplished.

When it comes to worrying about other girls, DONT. He is still with you for a reason. Focus on making him happy because if he is a good man he wont stray unless provoked. Yes, I know you must be thinking WTF its not all about him, but then again isnt love about making that special someone happy? ok then. If you are constantly acting like a psycho the only confession you are gonna get is that he cant be in a relationship with you anymore. As Joe Budden said: the worst thing to do to an innocent man is accuse him.

Looking through their phones. Stop it right there. If you seek, prepare to find, and that your heart can take it. In connection to point 1, dont go looking for evidence you arent going to use to convict the defendant. If you look through his phone, find something you dont like, and do nothing about it, then that was a waste of time now wasnt it? Same thing applies to any other personal communication tools such as facebook and myspace. You will only end up aggravaited.

and the big one: If he doesnt call back, answer the phone or text quickly or seems to have disappeared odds are they are a) sleeping b) away from their phone c) playing some kind of game or sport. I know we automatically think they are up to something, but unlike many of us, alot of men arent as attached to their phones as we would like, and yes they actually forget about us sometimes. They really do lay in bed all day and not call us and think it is ok. Dont start freaking out, but if this becomes a habit and you seem to be an option rather than a priority... then you might want to look into another relationship.

Thats all I have for right now, since work awaits me. Part II coming soon.
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Real recognizes real, and you aren't looking too familiar - Emmelie.
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Copyrights and Trademarks

She's holds it in within her skin the sin of a man who didn't give a damn
but always lended a hand 
to her
Sending mixed signals to a naive individual 
slowly converting her into a doll. 
A doll that pretended to be perfection 
yet let herself be played with 
but that by the brown hair on her head 
swore she was playing the game right back
but wasn't 
she had no idea of it 
she was fooling herself. 
And as she speaks her tales of misery, 
she speaks them hesitantly 
for the reader might identify with her story
with that man 
and her words might be adopted, stolen ,copied
and she's left with a photocopy 
of what she wrote in her hand. 
The tales she speaks have no time or place, 
they are things her mind has tried to erase and replace 
and they still stand right in front of her face
but she looks past. 
She looks past the glass and smoke and stories
past the people who stood before thee
and swore on her life that her heart which fell apart 
she would start
to defend 
to the bitterest end. 
But her words are the publics
because she knows she's worthy of the Pulitz
-er prize and I despise
those deceitful eyes
that try to take what's mine, 
but take it 
because you can never have the mind 
to refine 
this doll's realities.