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Jason Wu: Change has come

Three words to describe Michelle Obama are: simple, elegant, and diverse, so it is no surprise that she wore a Jason Wu gown to the Inaugural Ball in January. Jason Wu launched his line in 2006 and was unknown to the world. After Michelle Obama wore his ivory, one-shoulder gown embellished with Swarovski crystals and fabric petals, Jason Wu became a household name.
Jason Wu is a line that is romantically feminine, with soft colors, luxurious fabrics, and exquisite detailed embellishments. Every garment seems to be hand crafted by the man himself. Named one of the most ready to wear lines of 2009 by Glamour magazine, the simple line shows that less is more, never being too theatrical or over the top. For Fall 2009, many looks were constructed from a neutral palette with some mustard and electric blue hues. Delicate details were the perfect touches. Spring 2010 stayed true to the classic Jason Wu, but a bit edgier. He used colorful patterns on his fabrics, the makeup became a bit dramatic, and even the runway became more embellished.
One thing that is evident of both shows was the diversity of the models. Unlike other fashion shows in which the models look identical, Jason Wu’s shows incorporated, African, Asian, and American models. There were various models in each category. None of the models looked sickly or frail, but they were thin. There was a contrast in the way he dressed them though. The models went from having simple natural looking makeup to dark lips. The looks became more colorful and flirty. He still had one shoulder dressed, but this time they were shorter in length and instead of neutral natural colors they were polka dots and ruffles.

As the line continues to grow, Jason Wu continues to challenge himself technically. In Spring 2010, he created many ready to wear items from everyday pieces and redesigned them with luxe fabrics. There is a quirky whimsical air about his latest show, a subtle Betsey Johnson aspect. As Style.com stated: “ This show was a confident leap forward for the 26-year-old designer.” I interviewed the Director of Textile design over at Jason Wu to get her take on the evolution of Jason Wu.

What are 3 words to describe the fall 2009 show and its designs? Spring 2010?

Fall 2009- polished, lady like, feminine
Spring 2010- delicate, luxurious, modern

Were the size and diversity of the models a priority in the planning and production of the shows? Meaning did you not want to include super skinny models and make sure you had models that looked different?

"We work with a casting director who works with Jason on the getting the best girls that can help Jason achieve his vision for the season. We fit all the models and get them in the looks they look best in. Size is not the only factor that is taken into account. Attitude, skin tone, hair color, amongst other things always play a role in what girls end up in the show."

This line (fall 2009) is considered by glamour magazine to be one of the most ready-to-wear lines from fall 2009 was that your intention?

"I cannot speak for Jason, but when Jason first started, his collections were mainly evening gowns. The fall 2009 collection consisted of more day wear than usual. If you compare, then the transition is obvious."

and the BIG question is how fall 09 differed from this show (spring 2010)?

"The seasons were very different. Spring 2010 had a younger yet still sophisticated attitude. This time he included mostly daywear and cocktail dresses. Not one gown was presented this season. Jason does a great job in choosing his color palettes each season. The make up always goes with the idea and inspiration for the season. This time the silhouettes and fabrics were slightly unconventional and a step off of what he's become known for. He's grown tremendously as a designer in the past few years and I think it's evident in the production we put on this year. "