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March Into Fall

Jolanta Long Waistcoat
140 GBP - allsaints.com
Military vest »

Lapin Crinkle Weave Brocade Crop Jacket
$2,645 - matthewwilliamson.com
Military jacket »

$434 - alexandermcqueen.com
High heels »

Lace Cut
$1,079 - kirnazabete.com
Lace boots »

400 EUR - luisaviaroma.com
Bracelets »

225 GBP - uk.burberry.com
Acrylic jewelry »

Flutter By Jill Golden Jamai Pin
$368 - shoplesnouvelles.com
Vintage brooch »

CHECK Silk Scarf
$181 - pret-a-beaute.com
Silk scarves »

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Words that Matter

It is only rarely that one can see in a little boy the promise of a man, but one can almost always see in a little girl the threat of a woman.
10:34 AM

New Music: DRAKE - Im Ready For Ya

Download HERE

R.I.P. to the girl you used to see
Her days are over. Baby she’s over
I’ve decided to give you all of me
Baby come closer, baby come closer
I’m ready for ya!
Kill ‘em all, switch it up
Put it on, zip it up
Let my perfume, soak in in your sweater
You say you’ll be here soon, sooner the better
No option for her, you sayin’ no
I run this game, just play your role
Follow my lead, whatchu waitin’ fo’?
Thought it over and decided tonight is the night

(Background voice)
Yeah I hear you talkin’, don’t know who you tryin’ to flatter
Got my mind made up. I-I-I’m ready for ya
I’m in control, but with you bein’ a man
You don’t seem to understand that I-I-I’m ready for ya
I-I-I’m ready for ya
I-I-I’m ready for ya
So keep thinkin’ you the man
‘Cause it’s all part of my plan
I-I-I’m ready for ya
Nothin’ on, I strut around
I do it big, I shut it down
I wonder if you’ll be able to handle me
Mental picture, no cameras please
(Background voice)

[Drake - Verse]
Uh, red lipstick on the wine glass cameras in my mind,
Flash, black lines aray white diamonds, what a contrast,
I know you get impatient as the time pass, you say you want it fast,
Define fast, cause I can speed it up, and make it last
And I could audition for this, and I could be part of the cast
And I could produce for your future, I could co-direct your past,
And make damn sure you never forget it, commited, im ready, im with it
Still here like a statue, pink champagne, green ink in your tattoos,
You say you got bagges, well im packed too, plus I got a sex pistol,
Pointed right at you “BAM!”, the baddest women ever in the heart of south,
Proven over and over again thats why im hard to doubt, plus im
Young money ’till the death, I took the carter out
Im more than ready too, hope of something that you thought about

11:28 PM

Words that Matter

"Always follow your heart, it will lead you to places you never knew existed"
7:48 PM

Letter to My Replacement

Remember now that you been promoted to main chick - the side chick position is ready to be filled and trust me he has the resumes ready, no interviews necessary. If he cheated with you he will cheat on you and maybe then you will learn to close those legs tightly, at least around one man at a time.
4:24 PM

Rita Ora: Roc Nation's First Lady

            You know that beautiful blonde in Drake’s “Over” video? She isn’t some video girl to look over, she is an up and coming UK singer who quietly signed on to Roc Nation last July. Rita Ora is an Albanian beauty born in Prisitne, Kosovo and raised in London.  She developed her musical talent from an early age and it eventually caught the ears of rap mogul Jay-z. Today she finds herself in the United States working on her music. 
            Rita has been singing since she was six years old and got her break singing with Craig David when she was only 14. She was featured on “Awkward” and “ Where’s Your Love.”  Recently she has been working on her album, which she says will come out this year. “ The next thing you will see me on are my own music videos and everything else to do with Roc Nation. Its going to be so fun and amazing.” Jump on the Rita Ora bandwagon early, Roc Nation is taking over and she’s the first lady.
Don’t say I didn’t tell you so,


The DoLL

11:28 PM

Words that Matter

Glamour girls are born and can not be made.
Theres something about those girls holding cigarettes and drinking cocktails
that make them automatically glamourous. Its what we have always seen; 
but no one ever tells you that Glamour is your definition.  
Well here I am to tell you & it is. 

12:49 PM

Shopping Crack: Nail Polish Addiction

So I just painted my nails at work with Sally Hansen Color Quick pen.   I was so skeptical at first thinking it would make my nails look cakey but it was free so I tried it. It was amazing! Its easy to apply and dried quickly without smudging, air bubbles, or anything. You know when you are about to go out and you have to paint your nails? That knocks out about 30 minutes of precious preparation. This will definitely save me from going outside with chipped or smudged nail polish. Avoid looking basic ladies and get you some!
9:30 AM

Water & Oil

Controversy ensues as Italian Vogue's  spread on the oil-spill is called "insensitive." The shoot dramatically depicts bird-like models trapped and dying in oil. Dramatic imagery? yes. Insensitive? no. The shoot was meant to warn people to be careful with nature, said Franca Sozzani, editor in chief of the magazine. Still some readers wonder if the magazine went a little too far.

What do you think?

Provocative? or Insensitive?
8:08 PM

Words that Matter

"The most important time to never give up is when it is the hardest. The harder & darker it seems the closer you are to a breakthrough." 
4:46 PM

I am Fierce

7:25 PM

Words that Matter:: Kim Kardashian

"What are u gonna do w the dash? The line between your birth date and death date? Live life to the fullest without regrets!"
4:26 PM

Seeing the Future

The fashion accessories brand Nooka is out of this world with their futuristic accessories. Nooka was founded in 2005 by Matthew Waldman and can be purchased in boutiques worldwide and online. Nooka has had great success with their watches, but their dopest item has to be their sunglasses. The planetary themed glasses appropriately named Mercury and Venus will turn heads this summer. His inspiration comes from "Space travel and fantasies of chic aliens." Kick those Ray Bans and chain glasses to the curb earthlings and get yourself a pair of these before the rest of the world catches on.

First line of sunglasses: Mercury

Recently released “Venus” style glasses on sale NOW!

Photos courtesy of: Nooka & “The Cut” NY Times blog
11:06 PM

The Beat of Chic: Stephanie Solomon on Trends, Fashion, and more

Stephanie Solomon is a true trendsetter, responsible for finding the most fashion-forward merchandise for Bloomingdale's stores. The Syracuse University alumna is the operating fashion director for women’s ready-to-wear. Here are some of her tips for trend-spotting, trendsetting and more. 

As a fashion buyer, Ms. Solomon must always have her eyes on ready to spot the next big thing. She must know and predict what American women want to wear and what they will buy in the upcoming season. Picking trends for a particular season begins with a marketing council meeting, where the fashion office meets with the visual and marketing departments to brainstorm ideas of themes for the upcoming season. She then has a guide to take with her to the runway shows.  To decipher trends, she starts at "the big show" which she indicated was Marc Jacob's show. She also mentioned she extracts trends from the models backstage and guests that attend the shows. Models and guests are wearing what is on the runway and adapt them to be wearable. 

Deciding trends is also about instinct and intuition. She picks and choose what feels right and what hasn't been done in a while. Its always a combination of influences and endless curiosity- studying your surroundings. Who is wearing what and why. Trends are about finding something that is already out in the culture and making it a product. After all the trends are collected, a powerpoint is put together with information and visuals and then sent to all the executives and certain staff of Bloomingdale's. These ideas are then incorporated into the catalog and advertisements. This translates to what we see in the store. 

Although fashion buyers, celebrities, editors, and others in fashion do have a say in what trends are, the people who ultimately change, move, and shift fashion are the designers.

3 things to remember:
1. "Education happens when you listen and shut your mouth and do not let ego get in the way"
2. "Paris is center of all innovation in fashion"
3. "Get where you wanna be even if its for no money and you have to sweep at night"