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Time Machine

I wish I could go back to Jan. 2007. Before me and you. Before you were my best friend. Before we were us. I cry myself to sleep as you sleep peacefully. I am constantly in a state of distress, Im a mess, you reject, your infidelity. I sit and cry, dont know why, I keep trying to pull through. When deep in my heart I know I should start to run away from you. But I remain, things don't change, stay the same, on the brain, is the name of betrayal. And I walk as I talk and I say, no way as I silently pray you will find a way to come back to me. You sit back and relax like a track on the mac and spit lyrics I have heard before. But like my favorite song Itune in and cry, as slowly more of me dies, inside, and my pride is aside along with my dignity. Are you even feeling me? Damn, can you possibly be that man I cant stand but whose hand I hold at night when Im sleeping? Will you ever claim me to be more than what other people see? Your friend, the pretend, has no end, I cant bend backwards any further. My tears and the glass, hurt me fast, but pain doesnt last, I am numb. I just want the conversations to cease, please stop and release the venom in you. You are poisoning me and you lack sympathy, who do you want me to be? Do I need to be her? What will the dark and this time apart that is hurting this weak heart of mine bring? Will the spring bring the end of the friends or the trends of defending my heart? Or will I sit here holding on for dear life, I just might, not survive to reply
to these questions....
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Hey Daddy ;]

Usher, If you are EVER in need of a Dancer, I am available!
Feel Good Music! AH I love it x3
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The new iPad has been released by Apple for $499. Its the cross between a laptop and an Itouch. View the presentation below.

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Research & Learn

So many people claim that fashion is their life, but many fail to treat it as such. In order to be a true fashion lover you have to study it like any other craft. You must read up on it, research the start of different brands, read fashion blogs, learn fashion history, and all the components that go into fashion. So here are a few books to get your fashion library started.

Vogue Fashion by Linda Watson
The Prada Book

Who What Wear: Celebrity & Runway Style for Real Life by Hillary Kerr

Gucci by Gucci
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Comfy, Cozy, & Chic

Just because it's winter, it doesn't mean you can't be fierce. The snow shall step aside when you walk the street with these boots. And if you were to get stuck, you can use the heels as an ice pick. Now thats multi-purpose.

Stuart Weitzman

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Chip the Stylist

New York. Paris. Milan. Tokyo. Some of the biggest cities in fashion, but fashion thrives other places as well. Ladies, have you been wearing UGGs this winter? Most likely you have, so how is it that we forget about Australia when thinking about fashion, especially with models such as Gemma Ward and Elle Macpherson hailing from the island continent.

Upcoming fashion designer and stylist Chip Phomphithak has been working in the fashion industry for 15 years and is no stranger to Australian fashion. She has worked in various fashion publications as a freelance fashion assistant along with selling her designs since age 15. She began working for a clothing label Lili and Charlie Brown and she seized the opportunities presented to her there.She believes being a stylist is often underrated by some, but it is an essential part of music, fashion, and film. Styling is a form of expression and a key element in making everything cohesive. She says her role as a stylist is to break down any inhabitions and explore a person's true self which is then reflected on the external. She is currently working on the wardrobe of a short film, but her tasks vary. Some days she can be styling for an editorial or working with an artist.

After spending time in New York, Chip was inspired to create a children's clothing line, which she hopes to launch for the Australian summer. "As a designer I source ideas from colour, people and my environment. An idea can come from the arches of a church to the colour of the water." Her love for fashion and design came from none other than the Barbie Doll. When she was younger she would make clothes for Barbie and it went from there.
Her advice to young hopefuls who want to break into the fashion industry is "to believe in your ability and remember the business is cut- throat so having a strong backbone is key." She highly recommends studying business or marketing because one must constantly sell themselves and know their position. She admits that the fashion is difficult work but the rewards are fulfilling.

Follow her on Twitter: ChiptheStylist

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The Closet

I am an invisible force taking hold of a human heart

Nothing anyone says or does can undue my grasp

I hold two hearts, one in each hand. Selfish aren't I?

While she stresses the loss of a man, I enjoy the pleasures of both

and although I half-heartedly have one, I don't mind sharing

I have no eyes in my sockets so I don't see her pain

I have no heart of my own to feel any pity

I have no ears to hear my conscience speak

I have no mind to think things through clearly

I lack flesh, thoughts, and emotions

All I have are bones

Im a skeleton in the closet

and thats all she will ever know

7:52 PM

On to the Next One Video Breakdown

So many people were/are confused about the concept of Jay-Z’s new video “On to the Next One”. I have to agree I was caught off guard as well since it was not what one would normally expect from Hov. And this is why the video was brilliant; it was off-putting at first glance. Jay-Z is “on to the next one” in every sense. Not only did he drop his record label and has a multi-billion dollar franchise, he is moving away from what rappers stereotypically do in videos; focus on video vixens, flaunt their wealth and material possessions, etc. Lyrically Jay-Z conveyed his thoughts and opinions about today’s’ society, but it was symbolism in his video that highlighted his out-of-this-world artistry.

Themes and Symbols
1. New Mentality
"Used to rock a throwback
Ballin on the corner
Now I rock a tailored suit
Lookin like a owner"

Moving away from fast money and hood dreams and becoming a businessman in corporate America. He’s his own boss. A white man is no longer cutting the checks. He burns dice and basketballs- the infamous game of Cee-lo and such is done. No more taking chances with the “game” The game is up in flames. The empty basketball dreams of the hood and the need to make fast money is obsolete. You can’t take chances; you have to do better. Find new and better ways to make your money.

Skulls are usually a symbol of death and having no substance. If you pay close attention to the color of the skulls you might think a little differently. During the beginning of the video when the song says “ if you want my old s*** buy my old albums” a white skull is shown. They represent record labels; the ones he was bounded by and were responsible for his old albums. He now has his own label.
That skull is followed by a black skull with black paint falling on it before this verse :
“Fuck a throwback jersey
Cause we on to the next one
And fuck that auto-tune
Cause we ooooon
And niggas don't be mad
Cause it's all about progression
Loiterers should be arrested

It symbolizes the Black man and the black mentality. Like mentioned before and reinforced in the verse. The cords represent music; like beats. On “fxck that autotune” they stop. Everyone uses autotone now making the same type of music, solely to make money, and that’s not what the industry should be about. “Its all about progression, Loiterers should be arrested” Hip hop was starting to become too commercial, everything was sounding the same, no one was progressing just like people who stay in the hood. If you are loitering you are idle, not moving, and therefore not progressing and in Jay’s eyes that’s punishable by law. Its not about cars, clothes, and hoes… sorry Trey.
Finally there is a black skull with white paint falling on it symbolizing thee white mentality. Using corporate America to our advantage that out the hood and into a corporate office success story everyone wants to be.
2. Racism
"I used to drink Cristal
Them fuckers racist
So I switched gold bottles
Onto that spade shit"

When the song says “racist” 3 bottles of white milk are shown. He is speaking to people to step up their game because black culture is being exploited and we are all victims just buying into it commercially (hence the shoes) because at the end of the day the same stereotypes exists and some suited exec ends up pocketing the money. He is firing shots at the racist industry which is why he might have chosen to have white people with black lips and makeup on. (blackface in reverse perhaps?)

The character that looks like the joker symbolizes haters. Corporate America that is not too pleased with the progression of the Black man. How do we know? The character is constantly frustrated throughout the video (see 3:25 of the video) and he is in a suit, none of the other characters are dressed as such.

He is definitely firing shots in this video… literally


Those random inkblot looking things reminded me of the Rorschach personality test. Maybe it takes someone special to see something different, the same way true success comes from being unique.

"Big pimpin in the house now

Bought the land tore the mufuckin house down

Bought the car tore the mufuckin roof off

Ride clean, I don't never take the shoes off

Bought the jeep tore the mufuckin doors off

Foot out that bitch ride the shit like a skateboard

Navigation on tryna find my next thrill "

JayZ has built his empire on the land HE earned and worked for. “Never take the shoes off” always staying at #1. He jumped at the opportunities that came his way. Just like shawty in the video. They’re warriors.

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Year of the Diva

This year I'm going to work on being a better daughter, sister, friend, and student. This is not my new year's resolution; the idea just came along simultaneously with my 19th birthday & 2010. I have pushed many away & my attitude on certain things definitely needs some adjusting. To those that I have hurt or who got the wrong impression of me, I apologize. Im excited that I made it another year to grow older and wiser. Cheers to improving and getting one step closer to the good life.
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Happy New Year

Now enjoy our feature presentation.

"On to the Next One"