9:44 PM


J.Peguero; art director for Redline Media Group and upcoming rapper. What a combination right? An upcoming rapper and he has a real job!? Yes, believe it. Although pursuing his music career out of somewhere other than his basement, he still manages to work full -time. Born in Dominican Republic and raised in Brooklyn, the boy has swagg. He recently granted me a brief interview, just so people know the man behind the music.


12:29 AM

Goodbyes & Hellos

People come and go. Its life but Im not ready to let go of you just yet. You were the hardest goodbye and the bitterest See you later, but later isnt soon enough. My laughter is complete with yours, my day's agenda has a permanent place with your name on it after 5pm. My evenings belong to you. That summer fling, the little things, must have become more, because the tears are still slowly flowing, my infatuation keeps growing and so does the distance. The most beautiful thing is that someone like you fell for someone like me, I deserve you and I didnt want to have to give it up. Maybe you will stumble across this, and realize that this girls heart was yours all along.

As I say Goodbye I wave hello to a new year, a fresh start, and the greatest of opportunities. The nonsense has been flushed down the toilet. Its my time, check the clock.
12:05 AM

Unforgettable Memory

I left behind everything I ever wanted because I finally remembered who I was. I forgot myself while trying to please a selfish man, and now that I remember Emmelie, Im slowing forgetting you.. well at least I'll try.

12:01 AM

Treasure on the Left

Those who hide their feelings are afraid of getting hurt, and those who fear that pain have the deepest feelings. I am exhibit A. I know exactly what my heart is capable of feeling, but I protect it behind bars, for fear of what I might come across. 3 times I've had to piece it back together, which means 3 times it was broken and each time more pieces were lost. This time, I broke my own heart, because I will no longer leave that task to a man. Now I trust my intuition, for my heart has already failed me. Bitterness is my defense mechanism, anger and complaints are the guards to the prison and stubbornness keeps the distance, no man shall ever come close to the treasure on the left.
11:53 PM

Arnold Jean Rodriguez


Mirror an inner I seen in her though I'll never tell for I'm lost in a gamble like a vegas sinner. And she used to the date the winners and lose thinking was he really in her, and I tell her that he was wrong but I'm always scared to press enter so I just escape and later on tell her my connection failed.ha


I could say more though are the shores of who you really are ever sure for all these waters ever pure? I remember when I was drowning you said in the mist of it I'd find a door and that'll be who you are. Really it's like the past we so stuck on and I know Im doing good but my lucks gone. And I know I could tell you all these but it sucks when your loves all.. and I could never finish it and If I ever I would just enter it like I just want to know you. Though it's like I see so much in you what is there to show you, when your looking at me like another man trying to know you. And it's like I know you but if I knew you I would of told you that I'm sure about you.

My dear friend wrote me these subtle love letters, as I call them, to remind me that not every man has a malnourished mind, whose nutrition is the constant absorption of female flesh.

This is him, and some of the little things he's done for me.

2:23 AM

Sick & Tired

So this past week has mostly been spent in my bed sick. I was not a happy camper. In the midst of it all I got an unexpected visit, while my help was already on the way. I spoke to old friends and saw my education almost slip out of my hands. Too much has happened in so little time. One volume closed, another one opened. So I've come to the realization that the only person that can make me feel inferior is myself. The only illusion to deceive me is failure, and the only reason I should hurt is physical pain. My love is far too precious to be overlooked and my undying loyalty is not something to take advantage of. Once I've made up my mind there's no changing it, I remain the same stubborn girl you once met. & as precious as I am, I have never been a fool, because my intuition is one of the greatest gifts I was blessed with. With that said, See you soon.

5:58 PM

Chasing impossible Dreams

What do you perceive as beautiful? The pictures we are surrounded by and see everyday are not real images. Women constantly chase an ideal that doesn't exist, and men desire an impossible woman. So how will we ever be satisfied, if the bar has been raised too far above the humanly possible? We as a society must learn to see beautiful people as they are, without the makeup, with short lashes, under eye circles, oily skin, acne, natural hair, and the body they have been assigned. If we continue to try to alter what we are given, nothing will make us unique.
12:16 AM

Your Epiphany

So now you want me back? Finally realized what you had, and seen what you are missing. By my side is the best place you can be, I promise and I guarantee. Nobody will ever touch you like I did, no one compares to who I was to you, and now you want to come back, because you've seen what I've been saying all along. So you had an epiphany, a moment of enlightenment, and I am now the only one you want. I should have been the only one you wanted for 3.5 years, but you were busy with others my dear. and now? Could it be too late? Have I become something too far out of your grasp, like an impossible dream, an empty promise, am I ever going to be true? My choice has been made and my thoughts interrupted, by you. Break-up to Make-up that stage is over and through. Im bigger than that, don't have the time to play back and forth, because forward is the only direction I'm advancing to. Now you might want to walk beside me, but only my shadow can stand the thought and sight of you.
3:00 PM

My swagga be from Maui!

"Raised in the pro-jects roaches and rats"- thats where Sonia Sotomayor is from: Bronxdale Housing Projects. From the borough of the Bronx, Sotomayor has become the 1st Hispanic to be an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. She exemplifies hard work, determination, and change. As a woman of a minority group and a fellow Hispanic, I can say that I am truely proud to see where our country is going, and optimistic about what may lie ahead. The opportunities are endless. Minorities are no longer minor, just in number but not in heart.
1:58 AM

Diamonds are Forever

Diamonds are very much like strong women. They can only be formed under extreme conditions: Heat and pressure. The most beautiful and precious of women are those who have endured, who below the surface have experienced the hottest heat and the most suffocating of pressures. Diamonds are survivors; as are many women, but the superficial glamour decreases that acknowledgement, and they are just an embedded stone, a decoration for jewelry, a trophy for a man. Know your self-worth ladies, because diamonds are often mistaken for silly rhinestones. Similar to the eye, they deceive the onlooker with its luster, but diamonds are timeless, they are forever. Strong women we are few, What are you doing to empower not only yourself but others?

6:01 PM

Sometimes no matter how hard you try to avoid something; it happens. & sometimes no matter how much you try to protect yourself, you end up more vulnerable than you have ever been.